Dark Bass Music — Dystopian Inspiration Mix — Cyberpunk 2077 Visuals


If you enjoy dark, unsettling, and deep music, then this ominous wave playlist is for you. Featuring futuristic and atmospheric tracks, this mix creates a cold dystopian atmosphere that radiates gloomy night vibes, yet it is chill and relaxed enough for you to keep the focus on the task at hand. The slow pace of the beats will help you to maintain the steady rhythm of the work and study process. A dark mood of the music will add some extra seriousness to the workflow and will keep you productive, motivated, and inspired. This selection will suit the creative types the most: whether you are a designer, illustrator, animator, creator, art student, editor, programmer, or coder – just go ahead and try this new secret source of shadowy inspiration for your next big project. Deep bass, modern style 808 beats, and ominous synthesizer leads are great to keep your inner villain in check while getting ahead with the projects, assignments, and deadlines. Enjoy the dystopian music and cyberpunk 2077 visuals with our new wave mix.
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Genre: Electronic music
Style: Wave, Hardwave, Witch House, Trap
Mood: Lonely, Dark, Future, Space, Cyber, Sad
Feature: No prominent lyrics

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🎧 Tracklist
► 00:00 Luckyy – Essence
► 03:46 Trash Lord – Colder
► 07:25 Mrkryl – The Secrets We Keep
► 11:55 Nyarla – Tears
► 15:15 White Orb – Astral Connection
► 18:18 Dj Heroin, Hnrk – Neophyt
► 21:58 Keltic, Zomb – Sephora
► 25:54 Mrkryl – It Is What It Is
► 30:06 Duckem – Ignition
► 33:10 Trash Lord, Whispa – Skylines
► 36:51 Nexorenity – Vivacious
► 40:22 Boe – Althea
► 43:46 Chanson – Lovely, Still
► 46:07 dotMpeg – Everything A Lie
► 49:32 Tigereyes – Prism
► 53:30 Keltic – Memories
► 56:06 sky – genesis
► 58:52 6acre, Shxpe – Veil
► 1:01:19 Tigereyes, Unit333 – Caauldron

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