CWT Community Discussion on Feb 1 ’23 – Diving into an Automated Trading System w/ PETER KALLAS


This is a recording of a live discussion session inside the CWT Community with Ian Cox (host of the Chat With Traders podcast) and CWT Community guest, Peter Kallas.

Peter Kallas, originally spoke with us back in December 2022 in the community where he shared his journey, struggles, and tactics used to overcome them. He joined us again in the community to dive deeper into a fully automated trading system that he has been working on for the last 3 to 4 years. If you are curious about automated trading systems, join us to learn more about Peter’s journey into automated trading systems and he will also walk you through what he’s built –

NOTE: We do not moderate comments on CWT Community videos on YouTube. Therefore, comments are disabled here in order to encourage engagement/comments within the CWT Community space where we would have capacity to actively moderate.

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