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Is Investing in Foreign Real Estate a Bad Idea?

https://nomadcapitalist.com/Do you agree that investing overseas is the dumbest idea? In this video, Andrew answers a comment from social media and discusses why Nomad...

7 “Uncorrelated” Plan B Passports

https://nomadcapitalist.com/second-passport/Do you need to get a second passport in a country that is more neutral? In this video, Andrew shares seven “Uncorrelated” citizenships for...

Handling Objections | Free Sales Training Program | Sales School

How do you handle objections? If you're in business I'm gonna hope your answer was something like, "I handle rejection well", because a great...

Qualifying Customers | Free Sales Training Program | Sales School

Let’s focus on asking the right questions.There’s no magic trick or shortcut to asking the right questions. But so many of you fail to...

THE SECRETS Behind THIS POWER COUPLE will 10x YOUR Relationship | Lisa Bilyeu on Impact Theory

Going through different stages of life and relationships is never easy. It’s easy to break down, fall apart or become numb and completely lose...

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