Anti-stress Music — Calming Chillstep Mix


Cozy and chill, this mix is designed to warm you up during these long winter months and to put you in a good mood. This selection of calm, soothing, and positive chillstep tracks with emotional piano melodies is great to listen to while enjoying a cup of your favorite warm beverage and getting ready for the day. Inspiring yet relaxing, these uplifting instrumentals will help you to find your inner balance and motivation to move forward. The atmosphere created by the mix can be described as dreamy, peaceful, and romantic. No prominent lyrics mean no distractions, so this mix will be great background music for work, studies, and various other tasks. This mix is equally enjoyable in an office, cafe, coffee shop, library, or in the comfort of your own house. You can listen to it while working on your project or when you are done and just trying to chill out and unwind.
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Genre: Electronic music, Downtempo
Style: Chillout, Chillstep
Mood: Inspiring, Calm, Peaceful, Smooth, Soothing, Dreamy
Feature: No prominent lyrics

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🎧 Tracklist
► 00:00 Michael FK – Memory Lane
► 03:28 Vaeros – Cote d’Azur
► 07:21 Engvall – Wandering
► 11:00 Mit-Rich – Timestream
► 13:22 Ptr. – Reborn
► 16:02 Slleepwalker – Moment
► 19:07 Almost Vanished – Journey
► 24:28 Sappheiros – Dawn
► 28:05 Michael FK – Attraction
► 33:49 Devotion – Castle in the Sky
► 36:05 Shaii – Melancholia
► 39:39 Devotion – Drifted Away
► 42:59 Aerohead – The Long Road Home
► 47:17 Asxia – Wait For You
► 51:40 SDDx – Inspiration
► 56:14 Illusory Scapes, Talia – One Last Moment
► 59:40 Onycs – Together
► 1:02:56 Illusory Scapes, Astral Satva – Once Upon A Fairytale

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