Work in Peace | Beautiful Chill Mix


The perfect playlist to help you unwind and find inner peace. This playlist features a collection of calming, soothing, and inspiring tracks that will help you relax, destress, and recharge your mind and body. Whether you’re working on a project, studying, or simply need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, this mix is designed to create a peaceful and positive atmosphere.

From ambient soundscapes to melodic beats, each track has been carefully selected to create a seamless and immersive listening experience. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let the sounds wash over you. Let go of any negative thoughts or worries and allow yourself to be fully present in the moment.

This playlist is not only about relaxation but also about empowerment. The message behind the mix is that no matter what challenges or obstacles we face, we have the strength and resilience to overcome them. So, take a moment to gather yourself, find your inner peace, and be the best version of yourself.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the music as you let your worries fade away.

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Genre: Electronic music
Style: Chillout
Mood: Chill
Feature: Without Lyrics

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🎧 Tracklist
► 00:00 Jellis, Subsets – Reborn
► 03:24 Almost Vanished – Deyilah
► 07:13 Blaudiss – Ever After
► 10:34 Hyphex – Fading Light
► 14:37 WMD – Redolent
► 18:11 Blackbird – Solitude
► 22:05 Veil-44 – Instability
► 26:13 Elven Airways – Alike
► 29:51 Luis Miehlich – Cloudspotting
► 35:42 Solace – Not Like We Used To
► 40:23 Dead Melodies, Wildsilences – Afternight
► 44:00 4th Front – Feeling Alive
► 48:35 AK – Autumn Is Here
► 52:05 Evocativ – Echo
► 57:29 FoxGarden – Sempiternal
► 1:00:25 Neskre – Wander
► 1:03:22 Blurred, Heartmath2 – Dawning (Creepa Remix)
► 1:07:55 Sapphyre Smurf – Minerva
► 1:10:29 aLone – come

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