Popular BamBody Products contain DOUBLE the calories claimed


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Last week, Holly & I posted a video on her channel regarding our testing of a few popular Bam Body products. We had these products tested using a lab that conducts nutritional analysis on food products because we were skeptical of the claims based on 1) how good they taste & 2) we had a client who was eating them & not losing any weight despite being on very ‘low calories’ for her⁣

Since that video, they released a statement where they refer to us as ‘social media critics’ & say that we ‘allegedly’ tested the products. There is NO allegedly. We tested these products & we have proof that we tested them (shown in the video). They then state that they are allowed a certain discrepancy from batch to batch & report their averages for their products using a 3rd party which determines what the average macros/calories of their products are as per FDA regulation. That sounds quite official, but to the best of my understanding, all it means is that they tell this company what ingredients they use & how much of those ingredients they use & the company tells them what the average macros/calories should be. It’s not an actual nutritional analysis (unless they have data to show otherwise). Further, even while they are allowed discrepancies in label claims vs. actual calories/macros contained in the product, it is supposed to be within 20% (they were far outside of this in our analysis)⁣

The owner also repeatedly says that they are a family owned company and in private messages to my wife stated several times that she was a mother. That’s great. We have a small, family business as well. We have kids. It’s not an excuse for this. If we screw up, it would still be on us to take RESPONSIBILITY for it. It makes me frustrated that their company has yet to apologize to the consumers and take any accountability. Even if it was a ‘bad batch’ (unlikely in my opinion but possible) they should still apologize to their customers, in my opinion.

Is it possible we had a bad batch? Yes. However, we tested 2 products & both were far off the label claims. We have a 3rd product out for testing & we will report back those results when we get them. Further, in 2018 @dylanbair_rd had them tested & found similar results to ours (see video for evidence). To help allow Bam Body to clear their name we invite anyone who has unopened Bam Body products & a documented order number to contact us & we will pay for a nutritional analysis of these products. Further, we will allow Bam Body to pick the 3rd party lab where they are analyzed so there can be no claims of foul play. Finally, we will have the people ship the products directly to the chosen lab & NOT to us & we will get documentation of this. Ball is in your court Bam Body

We gain nothing from this. We are simply being consumer advocates. We have spent our time, money, and effort on this. We do not have competing products. Hell, we hope these macros are legit, who wouldn’t want amazing tasting, low calorie brownies and cookies? If subsequent analysis comes back that their brownies meet label claims, then we will be the first to happily report it.

below is the link to formal statement by bambody:
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