The Rough ‘n Tumble Life of a Merc Jerk · Jimmy Jude


EP 241 | The Rough ‘n Tumble Life of a Merc Jerk w/ Jimmy Jude

This episode consists of an extremely raw and unfiltered interview with veteran derivatives trader and self-proclaimed Merc Jerk, Jimmy Jude.

As we rewind to the early 90’s, Jimmy relives the rough ‘n tumble of CME’s Eurodollar options pit. Telling of power struggles, immense risk taking, and wisdoms gained from his peers.

Jimmy also recounts some of the more notable—and chaotic—events he’s witnessed, such as; being front row to an $8-billion blow up in Nat Gas, when trading on the NYMEX floor.

Then to finish, I ask Jimmy a few things about his way of trading nowadays; working structures on the VIX curve and E-mini futures.

00:00 – Intro
06:22 – Starting at the bottom, clerking, utilizing “balls to the wall” risk
10:39 – Eurodollar options: The “most badass pit on the planet”
18:20 – Trading aside Don Wilson, Margie Teller and a “pot smoking degenerate”
38:00 – Chaotic events: $8B Nat Gas blowup, GFC, Y2K interest rate turmoil
50:55 – Transition to electronic trading, VIX curve and E-mini futures
01:01:00 – Staying in the game

Show notes:

Trading in the financial markets involves a risk of loss. Podcast episodes and other content produced by Chat With Traders are for informational or educational purposes only and do not constitute trading or investment recommendations or advice.

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