MORE Aggressive Trading, MORE Million-Dollar Wins · John Carter


EP 240 | MORE Aggressive Trading, MORE Million-Dollar Wins w/ John Carter

Returning guest and options veteran John Carter has become increasingly aggressive with his trading tactics, and as a result, has booked a multitude of large profits during the past few years.

In this sequel to the popular Episode 69, John speaks on having surpassed the career milestone of 30-years trading—and how it’s groomed him to maximize recent market opportunities that’ve been present.

More specifically, John recaps a mega options trade ahead of GOOGL earnings, then proceeds to address; trading psychology, taking a holistic approach, navigating markets in 2022, favoring tangible assets.

00:00 – Intro
04:09 – Stand-out year, 30 year career milestone
05:11 – Global lockdown, moving to Texas ranch
12:20 – GOOGL trade recap, record win, ups ‘n downs
17:48 – Catalysts of GOOGL trade
34:55 – Stocks vs options, product risks
43:50 – Psychology, FOMO, trade plan
48:20 – Trading in current environment
52:08 – Moving profits to tangible assets

Show notes:

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