My First Year Trading Full-Time · Nick Bradburn


EP 239 | My First Year Trading Full-Time w/ Nicholas Bradburn

For this fourth episode in the My First Year Trading Full-Time series, we speak to retail trader Nicholas Bradburn.

A few years ago, Nick innocently stumbled onto the infamous subreddit Wall Street Bets, which lead to the discovery of options and roaring cannabis stocks. After some meddling and a few hiccups (i.e. running out of money), Nick begun to take trading more seriously once the pandemic hit, the stimulus check hit, and his livelihood became uncertain.

Remarkably, Nick remains a still-standing member of 2020’s Retail Army and has since made a commitment to full-time trading, having found consistency in the large cap arena.

00:00 – Intro
01:54 – Discovering r/WSB
04:34 – Cannabis Stocks
08:25 – Trading Education
13:53 – Trading Development
19:30 – Going Full-Time
28:10 – Unexpected Challenges
32:23 – Trading Strategy
39:46 – Performance
42:12 – Current Goals
45:38 – Full-Time Tips
46:46 – Outro

Show notes:

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