Trading, Playing in NFL, & Blockchain Security


FXSummit 2022 Conference (May 13th) is the most anticipated event for traders. Don’t miss out! :

Lewis Neal talks playing in the NFL, starting a hedge fund in college, advice for traders, and building the security layer for the blockchain future.

Lewis Neal:
Learn to Trade:

0:0:24 Intro/ backstory
0:7:20 Early entrepreneurship
0:15:30 Operating a CTA (Commodity Trading Adviser)
0:17:30 The back-end of trading
0:22:30 What to look for in Brokerages
0:26:50 Being first African-American athlete to own investment firm
0:30:05 Hypersphere Tech, Quantum Immune technology
0:36:10 Crypto Security
0:40:00 Crypto Automation
0:44:00 Buying BTC at $200
0:46:00 Advice to Traders
0:51:00 Crypto Market


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