Secrets of a High Stake Day Trader – Part 1

Secrets of a High Stake Day Trader – Part 1

This is an unedited video of me trading the FTSE and the DAX for a two-hour period. I am in this period selling short, then reversing long, and then reversing short again. I have losses for the first few trades of around 5000 euros and 2500 pounds. I make about 7000 on shorts in DAX and about 18,000 pounds on shorts in FTSE. I short DAX again and lose about 4000 euros. I kept some FTSE open as the video ended.

It is a pretty laid back and slow session, but I am glad I recorded it for 2 reasons:

1/ it shows me analyzing and making decisions in real-time.
2/ It shows me aggressively building a £2,000 a point short position in the FTSE, starting from £300.
3/ It shows me talking about dealing with patience and impatience.
4/ It brings to life some of the important things I look at, such as failure retests, the hourly close, and that I too have losing trades and sometimes (often) make costly decisions – in spite of them winning overall.

Enjoy…. It is as real as it gets…
01.14 – selling short DAX on Daily double top
5:28 – selling short FTSE immediately after 3 Bull Bars
7:30 – DAX playing ball – FTSE not playing ball – adding to short DAX short position
11:15 – FTSE short coming good – selling short more after failed new high attempt bar closes on lows..
20:10 – closing wrong FTSE short position – losing £2,500
22:10 – reversing from short to long in DAX – closing the first position for £1,000 profit
28:04 – long DAX and short FTSE
29:44 – seeing weakness in FTSE – adding aggressively to short position – still moderately long DAX
35:00 – your mind playing tricks on you
37:00 – sure about short in FTSE – severe doubts about long in DAX
37:36 – adding to short position in FTSE – still stupidly holding on to long DAX ☹️
39:40 – adding more to short position in FTSE
40:40 – explaining why I think I need to close the DAX long position and go short. I am losing €5,000 on DAX long. I go short.
41:48 – adding to short position in FTSE
48:00 – closing DAX around this time for €7,000 profit – the moment I close it, I sense I have made a mistake. I am still short FTSE.
56:00 – I have shorted DAX again, and I have taken some profit in FTSE and I have £22,000 in open profit.
1:11:00 – beginning a long rant on trading course providers. I realize I have done it all wrong. I could have done it in “just 15min” 😊
1:23:00 – talks about the value of printing charts..
1:28: 00 – still short FTSE and profits still around £18k. Now eating on video. Who do you think you are? Brad Pitt?????
1:34: 00 – losing 6,000 euros in DAX . making 10k pounds in FTSE
1:36:00 – preparing for the full hour close and adding to both DAX and FTSE on the full hour… with explanation why I am doing it.
1:40:00 – beginning to close short positions and wind down


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