Day Trading Psychology Talk London 2019 Tom Hougaard

Day Trading Psychology Talk London 2019 Tom Hougaard

Day Trader Tom Hougaard – TraderTom talks about Traders Mindset and Trading Psychology.
Trading is all about Traders Mindset and Trading Psychology

If 90% of people who trade use the same tools, and 90% of people who trade fails to produce consistent profits, then why is it such a big jump in our belief system to conclude that SYSTEM ≠ SUCCESS? The system and method do not guarantee or equate to profits.

In this talk, which are the notes from the speech I gave at the London Forex show in February 2019, I explore the evidence of profitable trading, and I lay out a path for people who want to contemplate what successful trading is truly all about.

The recording is a bit rough here and there. There is an odd language error. That aside, I firmly believe that trading is all about the mental mindset I bring to the trading day. When I trade, as most evidenced in my Telegram group and via YouTube streaming my trading account (but not always, because I mess up at times too), I use the axioms discussed in this talk as my trading foundation. I would rather have missed the chart preparation for the day than I would want to have missed my mental preparation for the trading day.

By Day Trader by Tom Hougaard

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