Binance BSC Secrets!! 3 Gems Revealed. Ethereum to break $2000!!!


Today we do an in-depth analysis of BSC Binance Smart Chain with our guests, a Binance Smart Chain expert. We discuss the Ethereum explosion and have guests join for our Friday Banter session while we unpack all things exciting in the world of cryptocurrency. We are hosting our biggest competition yet for the best meme, with more discussed on the show.

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0:00 Introduction
10:45 the Binance Chain
12:15 Mashinsky on BSC gems
12:20 Innovation is happening
17:30 BIFI
20:00 Venus-still buying?
21:30 the network effect
30:50 what happens next
36:00 Wolf, Chasse, Chen, Coach K, Moonwalker, Dude and Mr Biz are joining
38:15 call from everyone
38:20 Yield from Mr Dude
41:00 Moonwalker with calls
43:15 Winston with 2 calls
48:00 Mr Business
50:10 Kyle Chasse
53:15 Moonwalker on COTI & GOVI
54:15 Call from Coach K
59:30 biggest launch of the year

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