Bitcoin Hits $50K and ETH Going For $2K. Last Chance To Buy Cardano? But What Could Happen?


Bitcoin just hit $50,000 and we give you scoop on new buyers that are driving this rally to new highs! Ethereum is heading for $2,000 imminently, let’s see how much Grayscale has been buying up and what that means for the market. We bring you 3 of the crypto market’s best traders and analysts for gem calls you won’t want to miss out on and finally, we discuss a scenario that might be playing out. Be sure to subscribe for our show’s biggest giveaway yet, if you aren’t subscribed, you don’t have a chance to win big!

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0:00 BTC raises 50000
7:00 the difference to 2017
11:20 take your profit
14:20 profit strategies
18:15 which coins will survive
24:00 why Cosmos is safe to buy
28:30 new projects to invest
33:00 Blockchain=everything is transparent. Revealing Tornado Cash
38:00 big application in Blockchain
42:20 pump over 50000?
47:30 3 coins to buy
49:30 tehMoonwalkeR joining
53:50 Diamond picks: EGLD, COTI
55:35: New calls: Orionprotocol, Fractal, Polkamarket

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