Bitcoin ETF Imminent And 100X Discounted Insane Alts!!


We called it, the bottom is in! These are the 100X alts that we are buying for the next rally!

A Bitcoin ETF in 2021? A guest joins us to give us all the scoop on America’s first Bitcoin ETF.

Are ready for more downside? Well, this data suggests that we should keep an eye out for it and we have a trader coming in to discuss his moves in the market over the next weeks for alts AND Bitcoin.

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0:00 What happened yesterday
12:30 The new cash o meter
12:40 Introduction
16:15 Square Invest in BTC
20:15 Is the crash really over w/ Michael
26:30 Buy DOT at 33 dollars?
30:00 SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce (aka Cryptomom) on BTC ETF
50:30 Coach K is buying these alt’s
55:20 ETH
56:10 BNB
56:50 Cake
57:32 EWT
58:20 ICX
58:20 Phala
1:00:40 ADA

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