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Get Into The Flow — Oriental Chillstep Mix For Night Work

Guess you might be a bit overwhelmed with tasks at work as well as tiring holiday season preparations? You need to get back to work, but you lack energy and inspiration? Pretty sure you need some good music to unwind!

Meet our new oriental Chillstep playlist! It’s time to dive deep into the neon abyss of the cyberpunk nightlife. Feel this slightly melancholic, smoky atmosphere and surrender to relaxation.

Everybody knows that feeling. You seem unstoppable, everything seems to be going naturally and you can work, study or create for hours, because time is flying. If you recognize yourself in this, you might be familiar with the concept of ‘getting into the flow’.

Whether you’ve run out of energy and motivation or you`re just bored – turn on this smooth Chillstep mix. Mellow beats and relaxed tunes of these tracks, featuring no distracting vocals will help you achieve a state of mind in which everything seems possible and you’re just… rocking it. You`ll GET INTO THE FLOW!

It will fit programmers, coders, entrepreneurs, designers, content creators, writers, editors, copywriters, students and many more.
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Genre: Electronic music
Style: Chillstep
Mood: Calm, Future, Oriental
Feature: Without Lyrics

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🎧 Tracklist
► 00:00 Homeomorphic – Ether
► 04:07 Wayr – Silent Thinking
► 07:45 Yourich – Stroll
► 10:14 Xandra – Guardian
► 13:20 Liam Thomas – Aquila
► 16:01 Grandyzer – Closer
► 22:50 Liam Thomas – Supernova
► 25:38 Alchemorph – Stargazing
► 28:44 Snowzard, Kyon Grey – Burn My Shadow
► 32:16 Aurora B.Polaris – Natsukashii
► 36:26 Killigrew – Otherworld (Wayr Remix)
► 41:12 MoonRacer – Glow
► 44:46 Grandyzer, Sinius – Disembody
► 48:40 Liam Thomas – Alinio
► 51:04 Aurora B. Polaris – The Distance Between Us
► 54:59 Twisted Psykie – Mourning Glory
► 59:34 Aether – Evergreen
► 1:04:05 Saga – Where I Belong
► 1:08:20 Aurora Night – Eternity
► 1:11:11 Wayr – Against Fate
► 1:16:50 Aurora Night – Stay

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