Latest 1000x Gem Revealed! Bitcoin To $55000, Insane Earning Strategy & Alt Calls For Big Gains!


Today we cover a new project that is just about to list and why we are so bullish on it’s performance! Are the bulls back in action? We sure know and will tell you exactly what you can expect from the market in the coming days. We also reveal an insane earning strategy that can help you get a step ahead of the market, let’s chat about exactly what that is.

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0:00 introduction
6:40 bitcoin is smashing
7:00 MDXcrypto is joining
18:30 Gold an alternative for BTC?
19:30 NYDIG applied BTC ETF
22:30 2017 vs 2021 chart
23:45 the market cycle
24:15 2017 vs 2021 chart
27:30 crypto strategie
30:00 most exciting Revolution ever
33:40 Kong BTC on NFT Explosion
37:35 big calls from Kong (FXF, PROMETEUS, DAOventures)
48:30 vesper finance launching today

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