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Music to Concentrate — Warm Chillout Music for Studying

This is a new chill mix, featuring soothing and relaxing tracks that will help you unwind while staying focused and motivated `cause what you`re working on is beautiful and the result will fill you with pride! Joyful and positive tunes of this playlist alongside with bright and sunny visuals will light up your day, warming you up this cold winter.

Whenever you feel the need to sit back and cool off or clear your mind to free some space for imagination – turn on this smooth Chillout mix. It is designed to be played in the background to create a calming environment for studying, working on your projects, reading and even sleeping or meditating. Mellow sounds of piano and guitar will help you find peace and tranquility you need to achieve your dreams.

Stay productive and hyper creative, but don`t forget to leave some room for a little laziness, as this is our natural defense mechanism that protects us from burnout. Give yourself a coffee break, look out of the window and take a deep breath. Because life is worth enjoying its every single moment!
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Genre: Chillout music
Style: Chillout
Mood: Calm, Peaceful, Positive
Feature: Without Lyrics

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🎧 Tracklist
► 00:00 Aether – Bloom
► 02:22 Xandra – Nowhere
► 04:23 Oopo, Mike Ryder – Kala Patthar
► 08:14 Jellis & Subsets – Reborn
► 11:43 Liam Thomas, AK – Peace Of Mind
► 14:52 Sleep Surgeon – Chrysalism
► 16:54 Aljosha Konstanty – Ronald Reagan Blvd
► 20:26 Jellis – Far Away
► 22:46 InternalEye – Comfortably Lucid
► 25:45 Koshun Nakao – Winter Sky
► 27:36 Kevin MacInnis – Miss The Feeling Of Being Missed
► 31:04 Justin Jet Zorbas – Never Let You Go (Speechless)
► 34:25 Khaligo – Thus Far
► 39:20 Michael FK – Once And For All
► 45:46 Tigereyes – Hope Is Somewhere
► 49:25 AK – Solicity
► 52:04 Ai Means Love – Meditation
► 53:33 AK – Autumn Is Here
► 55:52 Dear Gravity – Departure Pt. I – Canvas
► 58:19 Moshimoss – Green Chord
► 1:00:24 Liam J Hennessy – Over The Bay
► 1:04:40 Aude – Morrow

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