Tom Bilyeu REVEALS His Ultimate SLEEP ROUTINE for High Performance


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Sleep is not only an essential function that allows us to recharge mentally and physically, it’s also deemed so important that going without sleep was banned by Guinness World Records. The record for going without sleep was officially given to Randy Gardner who managed to survive 11 days without sleep in 1964 while giving himself a form of dementia. Obviously this is not the path to take for increasing productivity and optimizing your quality of life, but many of us are short changing our sleep every night and have been doing so for years. Sleep is something that should be protected and guarded at all costs if you want to execute consistently at a high level and optimize for higher output and results. Here are Tom’s 10 tips to help you prioritize your sleep even if you’re burning the candle at both ends, there is no excuse and no way around prioritizing your sleep hygiene.


0:00 | Introduction to Sleep Routine
0:42 | Get Sun Exposure
1:53 | Move Your Body
2:38 | Stop Eating Crap
7:12 | Reduce Artificial Light
12:39 | Separate Your Blankets
14:45 | Keep The Bedroom Cool
16:07 | Tape Your Mouth Shut
17:55 | Fall Back Asleep
21:16 | Never Set an Alarm
22:33 | Bonus Tip


“The second you wake up, get out, go outside and get that sun exposure” [1:26]

“For the last hour before bed, I’m doing fun things and doing things that give me energy that makes me feel light that are part of that passion that feel good.” [8:56]

“I only have one job now that I’m going to bed and that job is to sleep.” [9:38]

“Make sure that you don’t have an alarm staring you in the face and that you get whatever amount of sleep you need.” [22:02]

“Recognizing that you can shift your state and get into that much more pleasant place is really powerful. And to even do that, on your worst days, is incredibly beneficial.” [23:40]


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