Get Mentally TOUGH, Achieve Your Goals and Do The IMPOSSIBLE By Doing This TRICK | James Lawrence


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When you sit back allow yourself to really dream, often the dream you have is beautiful but it’s also big, a little scary, and intimidating. Big dreams and big goals feel nearly impossible. It’s hard to fathom how you’re supposed to get from where you are in this moment to this far away goal that’s hard to conceptualize. James “Iron Cowboy” Lawrence completed 50 consecutive Iron-Distance Triathlons covering 7,030 miles with 0.24% of those miles completed indoors due to inclement weather. He joins Tom and breaks down the backlash he got for doing less than 17 miles indoors, and reveals the real mental fortitude and personal challenges he faced that lead him to deciding on completing 100 consecutive Iron-Distance Triathlons this time, plus one.

James talks about what it really means to do hard things, and how the secret of achieving your goals is in the journey, the failures, and the lessons that prepare you for the actual goal. He’s opening up about what his post-recovery has become and the challenges he’s overcoming for that as well.

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1:02 | Why Do the Hard Things
7:10 | 100% Physical & 100% Mental
13:56 | Goals Change Perspective
20:08 | Confront Your Weakness
24:59 | 101 Iron-Distance Triathlons
42:10 | Set Your Own Standards
52:57 | Why Do 1 More Than 100
58:37 | Post-Recovery Stage


“Doing hard things with intent is preparation for the unknown.” [2:18]

“Motion creates emotion, and you have to experience something and feel it in order to have an experience or knowledge with it.” [4:00]

“Mastering that continual conversation and beatdown that we have with ourselves is one of the most important pieces to that puzzle.” [9:42]

“Why people fail is because they rush straight to that big goal and they miss out on everything in between, which is the most important part.” [14:48]

“You need to meet yourself where you’re at, on your journey. And over time, your perception perspective will change about what’s possible for you.” [18:20]

“You wouldn’t do something if you knew how damn hard it was going to be, and you wouldn’t do something if you had all the answers, and you don’t start as the expert.” [34:34]

“What you say you’re going to do is the expectation, and if you deviate from that, it gives them permission to then attack you.” [43:23]

“We don’t know what tomorrow is gonna bring, and if you quit now you’re never going to find out and that would be the most tragic thing you do on your journey…” [49:46]

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