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Dark Music For Hacking — Mr. Robot Playlist

Deep Inspirational Music featuring Dark Future Garage creates a perfect atmosphere for the productive late night work or study sessions. Hacker-mood songs with the vibe for night shift workers, programmers, coders and, of course, hackers 🙂 Content creators, developers, designers, crypto traders and everyone who constantly needs inspiration or works late at night – you all will also enjoy this compilation. A Great selection of tracks which smoothly flow into one another and feature no prominent lyrics for the best concentration and deep focus. No distractions, no procrastination – just focus, work and night flow.

Inspired by Mr. Robot series

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Genre: Electronic music
Style: Downtempo, Future Garage
Mood: Night, Smooth, Cyber, Dark
Duration: One Hour
Feature: No prominent lyrics

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🎧 Tracklist
► 00:00 Hystvme – Illusion
► 02:42 Etsu – Divergence
► 06:46 Shxpe – Doubt
► 09:27 Chaos – Silence In The Moonlight
► 12:40 Sublab – Your Hands
► 15:38 Twisted Psykie – Agony
► 20:44 Calicry – Curves
► 23:16 Randloev – Thoughts
► 29:14 Oscuro – Stardust
► 32:33 Bythewvve – Return
► 36:08 Nomyn – Exhale
► 39:52 Saga – Darkness
► 45:48 Seanc, Kazukii – Raccoon
► 49:45 Vonnboyd – Evoke
► 53:54 Shxde – Manifest
► 57:54 Topback – Ivory
► 1:00:32 Padre Toxico – Reward System Revisited
► 1:03:35 Misc.Inc – Felicity

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