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This playlist for deep concentration on creative tasks is inspired by cyberpunk/transhumanism aesthetics, Deus Ex, Westworld, and features a dark future garage and chillstep tracks.
It is a perfect mix for programmers, designers, creators, late-night workers, and anybody looking for atmospheric, melancholic inspiration. The tracks here don’t feature any prominent vocals so you can focus on a task at hand easier.
We strive to find the balance between rhythmical and smooth for every playlist so the mix is motivating but not distracting.
We wish you good luck with your deep work session. Enjoy the music!

What is transhumanism?
Transhumanism is a social and philosophical movement devoted to promoting the research and development of robust human-enhancement technologies. Such technologies would augment or increase human sensory reception, emotive ability, or cognitive capacity as well as radically improve human health and extend human life spans. Such modifications resulting from the addition of biological or physical technologies would be more or less permanent and integrated into the human body.

What is singularity?
Singularity is a theoretical condition that could arrive shortly when a synthesis of several powerful new technologies will radically change the realities in which we unpredictably find ourselves. Most notably, the singularity would involve computer programs becoming so advanced that artificial intelligence transcends human intelligence, potentially erasing the boundary between humanity and computers. Often, nanotechnology is included as one of the key technologies that will make the singularity happen.

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Genre: Electronic music
Style: Downtempo, Chillstep, Garage
Mood: Future, Cyber, Dark
Duration: One Hour
Feature: No prominent lyrics

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🎧 Tracklist
► 00:00 Almost Vanished – Fireflies
► 03:37 Blu Mar Ten – Titans
► 08:52 Sefryn – Stranded
► 13:40 Kazukii – Return
► 18:01 Ecepta – Nebula
► 21:10 Nomyn – Nightfall
► 24:53 Oscuro – Ain’t Runnin
► 28:10 TBFM – Remorse
► 31:00 Lazarus Moment – Yours Truly
► 36:09 Athene – Hourglass
► 41:07 Vonnboyd – Ember
► 45:03 Jernalism – Temptation
► 49:12 Athene – Wanderer
► 53:20 Rhekluse – No Means To An End
► 57:17 Detz – You And Me
► 1:01:30 Shah – Afterglow
► 1:05:15 Unclown Despair – Slow Emotion
► 1:09:27 Affectwave – Rislen

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