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Many of us can admit to loving a good underdog story. You want to see the main character go through their perilous journey and come out on the other side victorious after the big battle or challenge that was seemingly impossible. When that story is real life, it causes you to pause and take inventory of your own story. What situation are you facing, how is your current situation in comparison to the underdog you just cheered for? Sometimes those questions can really sting, especially if you feel like or can see proof that you are not living up to your full potential. Wallo267, is an incredible entrepreneur, marketer, and self-made millionaire that joins me to discuss how his no BS mentality took him from a life of crime to a life filled with meaning, purpose, and unmistakable success. He was in and out of jail from the age of 11 and eventually served a 20 year prison sentence. What he’s accomplished in this time and came out of jail equipped and prepared to do will leave you speechless and questioning exactly how you’re using excuses and potentially clinging to a victim mentality.. From Philly to Hollywood, these are lessons on building an extraordinarily successful business from nothing.

0:00 | Introduction Wallo 267
2:58 | No One to Blame
3:57 | Locked Up Age 11
7:29 | No Time for Excuses
13:25 | Serving Time, Not Mad
15:08 | Imagination & Potential in Jail
17:40 | Starts New Marketing Business
19:03 | Google & YouTube Universities
22:04 | Willing To Do The Work
24:23 | Free Marketing Available
26:04 | Wallo on Allow Self To Cry
30:31 | Exposure Is Everything
31:29 | Stop Copying Others
32:47 | Knowing Yourself
35:55 | Surviving Prison
38:39 | Adapting to the Real World
40:15 | Going to Atlanta & Business
48:38 | Next Level Application
51:41 | Positive Not Angry

“We go through some we’re always looking for somebody to blame for our existence in a fucked up place. No, I paid for this train ticket to here. I paid for the train ticket. I got on the train. It was many stops before that I could have got off. No, I went to the final destination.” [3:24]

“I spent more time incarcerated than I did free on this planet that fucked me up.” [5:52]

“Now it’s time to just be out here on a journey through life experiencing new things, new ideas, exposure, and that’s what I realized. A lot of us don’t expose ourselves to new things, new ideas. We’re not open, open to different open to change. And that’s what helped me I became open to all this shit.” [9:51]

“I wasn’t in jail, I was in Yale. I wasn’t in prison, I was in Princeton. I wasn’t in the state pen, I was in Penn State.” [13:29]

“The world is one big library and everybody’s a book, […] read your books wisely. Choose them wisely. Watch what books you read.” [25:08]

“Sometimes you got to remove yourself from people, places, and things. That’s not just not going to allow you to embrace the reality in your individualism of who you are.” [32:56]

“You got to have a conversation with self about the reality of your journey, and once you connect with that it’s a wrap.” [33:35]

“A lot of times you got idea killers out here and sometimes idea killers and dream killers be yourself.” [34:37]

Guest Bio: Wallo rose to cultural phenom status in two short years after serving a 20 year prison sentence by catching lightning in a bottle: crafting powerful viral content inspiring people across the world to step into their greatness and discover their purpose.

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