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Chill Music For Creatives — Inspiring Work/Study Playlist

Calm and inspiring playlist will help you get rid of stress and soothe a weary mind. This mix is perfect for creative work, coding, design, studying or relaxation and its intricate visuals are a perfect background to leave on a TV or a second screen. Rest here for a while to take on the next task fully charged. Dream big!

Some interesting facts about electronic music

The invention of the synthesizer in the mid-20th century inspired composers and redesigned electronic music. The synthesizer sped up the creation process by combining hundreds of different sounds, and composers were inspired to delve deeper into the possibilities of electronic music.

1. Electronic music was first attempted in the United States and Canada in the 1890s. Its creation process was difficult. To create just a few minutes of music, with perhaps a hundred different sounds, could take weeks to finalize.
2. The first true synthesizer was released to the public in 1956. It was made up of an array of electronic tone generators and processing devices that controlled the nature of the sounds.
3. The first electronic concert was given in the Museum of Modern Art, NY on 28 October 1953 by Ussachevsky and Luening.
4. In the 1980s, commercial synthesizers were produced regularly. Yamaha released the first all-digital synthesizer in 1983.

Enjoy our playlist and stay inspired!
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Genre: Downtempo
Style: Chillout
Mood: Calm, Peaceful, Night, Soothing
Duration: One Hour
Feature: Without Lyrics

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🎧 Tracklist
► 00:00 AK – Vault
► 02:33 4Lienetic – Faint
► 07:35 Kayou – You Still Mean The World To Me
► 10:18 Nohone – Of An Endless Falling
► 13:13 Sleep Surgeon – Chrysalism
► 15:27 Squareface – Right Where I Want To Be
► 18:41 Arros, Zyphyr – I Was Always There
► 23:04 Delectatio – Senses
► 28:02 Jay Mellock – Clouds
► 32:26 Cma – Life Goes On
► 38:24 Michael FK – Innocence
► 42:37 Ptr – Prologue
► 46:02 Reclaimed, Hazy – Energy
► 52:04 Michael FK – Once And For All
► 58:43 Rameses B – We Are The Universe
► 1:05:15 Quartz – Summer Can Wait
► 1:09:39 Daminika – Sunny Evening
► 1:14:13 Detach – Reist
► 1:17:21 Celestial – Feel Again

📷 Image author
Pavel Vophira
#NightMix #CalmPlaylist #DeepMusic


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