Ex-Poker Player Assembles Team to Conquer Sports Markets · William Beauchamp


215 · Ex-Poker Player Assembles Team to Conquer Sports Markets

William Beauchamp’s the founder of Seamless Capital, an algorithmic firm trading in sports markets—most notably Hong Kong horse racing, but also football and tennis.

However, Will didn’t anticipate things would turn out this way…

He spent his teenage years hell-bent on becoming a professional poker player. It was only when George—Will’s buddy who’d recently left one of the major HFT firms—pitched the idea of trying to apply similar strategies on sports betting exchanges.

In time, the two developed several winning strategies, although George would later return to financial markets, while Will persisted as a one-man-band. But it was a bet that’s paid off, as he’s since scaled the operation to a team of 15-people, with £50-million annual turnover, netting seven-figures of PnL.

00:00 – Intro

02:15 – Aspiring Pro Poker Player
The highs and lows of Will’s teenage years.

22:43 – Algorithmic Sports Betting
Quant trader changes the course of Will’s life…

52:36 – Seamless Capital
Markets, liquidity, opportunities, competition, research.

1:11:41 – Team Building
First steps from one-man-band, hiring mistakes, restarting.

1:22:36 – Outro

Show notes:

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