Chill Music for a Good Evening — Downtempo Beats Playlist


Сalm, delightful, soothing, slightly futuristic playlist has been formed to uplift your spirit and help you to concentrate on your work.

What can music do for improving your work?

Listening to music in the workplace can positively boost your performance. What’s more, the benefits are multiple: Helping to improve mood. Preventing daydreaming and distractions from work.
While there is always a need to evaluate steps in the business process, some studies indicate that 79% of employees boost their personal productivity while listening to music. The same study, conducted in 2016, also showed that of the employees who are allowed to listen to music at work, 59% of them say it is beneficial to their mental well-being.
Employees who are less stressed and overall happier within their jobs are more likely to show initiative and productivity. They want to work harder for their employers who promote their well-being.
Happy, less stressed employees are more productive employees. While it is important to focus on the task at hand, there is certainly something to be said for listening to music in the workplace. So turn on our playlist and get to work. You’re about to be more productive than ever before.
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Genre: Chillout
Style: Downtempo
Mood: Motivating, Calm, Peaceful, Smooth, Calming, Soothing
Duration: One Hour
Feature: Without Lyrics

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🎧 Tracklist
► 00:00 Rohne – Twelve
► 04:23 Past Palms – Cloudbloom
► 08:07 Michael Drake – Under Her Graces
► 11:18 Otherwise Fine – Someone
► 14:35 Delectatio – Dandelion
► 18:40 Triton – You
► 23:29 Endless Leopard – Deep Blue You
► 27:04 Tigereyes – Hope Is Somewhere
► 30:50 Ah.Bloom, Ben Laver – Towards My Fate
► 34:51 Alchemorph – Staying Home
► 39:06 Olli, Tama – My Dear (Kaisaku Remix)
► 43:09 Umber – All The Ships (Oathless Remix)
► 50:54 AK, Mapps – IV
► 54:20 Carinthia – Tide Years
► 59:48 Kazukii – Begin
► 1:02:53 Day – Minus Ten
► 1:08:21 Richard Zalai – Like Sailing
► 1:12:42 Colin Mcallister – Seven Eighths
► 1:15:45 Gangways – Out Here

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