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Is it safe to say that everyone of us has challenges and roadblocks ahead to varying degrees? Maybe you even have some pretty big dreams but knowing where to start or how has you paralyzed. If you are getting stuck on fear of failure, not knowing who, how, or what, or even if it’s remotely possible for you to achieve a bigger dream, then this episode is for you. Gary Litefoot Davis is a Cherokee that has stepped out, and done the impossible against the odds. His story is compelling, but his get it done and go hard and relentless after your purpose attitude is worthy of pen and paper. He breaks down exactly how he looked at the overwhelming dream of being the first Native American rapper not being signed, starting his own record label, and touring the world from there. It was baby steps of a bigger goal, and this episode exemplifies what’s possible when you just take action and keep moving forward.


Resilience | learning from generations, seeing entrepreneurship and losing it all [3:14]
Awakening | Realizing no one is coming to save you, it’s all on you to make it happen [5:57]
Cultivating fortitude | Having an intention and take baby steps and give each step 100% [8:04]
Steps & Goals | Gary lays out how to identify the steps you need to attain goal in detail [9:58]
Model the Greats | Gary on how to model your success and make it your own [11:14]
Be Fluid | Gary on how to be adaptive so you can grow and be malleable [12:46]
Music Influences | Gary shares learning from artists that have influenced his music [14:34]
Independent | Gary explains why he says “we are the people we’ve been waiting for” [18:07]
Being First | Gary on knowing where you get your strength and leading in difficulty [20:13]
Native American Struggles | Gary exposes the lack of self-belief & self hatred [28:30]
Failure | Gary explains the lesson and not getting caught in negative energy of failing [32:59]
Entrepreneur | Gary on the journey, the reward and tools needed to be successful [38:25]
Get Started | Why you have to believe in what you’re doing and if not keep looking [44:23]


“I realized that if it was going to happen for me I probably was going to have to make it happen” [5:57]

“Dreams are tough. Because without a timeframe, a timeline, they may just stay dreams” [12:10]

“You have to be willing to lead, and if you’re not, nobody will follow that. And in the moments where it’s most stressful, if you don’t know where you’re headed, if you don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing, nobody else will either…” [22:54]

“If something comes up that you didn’t expect or that you didn’t know was going to come. Your plan’s not bad, it got you to where you are right now. You have to deal with what’s in front of you. That doesn’t mean run away and stop and don’t do anything, it means deal with it. Deal with what’s in front of you, move through it, move around it, move over it, move under it but keep moving forward.” [34:59]

“I think confidence comes from doing trying failing correcting and then doing trying failing correcting” [40:27]

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