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► ► The future of how we’ll consume music
You might feel that the way we consume music now is sophisticated enough. We get a personalized playlist delivered to us every Friday, home assistants like Alexa mean we can simply call out for the music we want, and Airpods and other ‘wearables’ have accelerated things further. All these advancements have helped make sure that we’ll see a doubling in overall recorded music revenues in the next ten years.
Even so, Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music are investing heavily in biometric recommendation technology that would enable users to stream music based on their mood and environment. Recently it was revealed that Spotify had been granted a patent for speech recognition tech, which would listen for background noises to see whether you’re alone or at a party, as well as traffic and bird noises to figure out whether you’re at home or out for a walk. It’ll even determine what your emotional state is. Using all that data, it’ll automatically generate a playlist.
The music we love is a vital part of our identity, and automation risks removing the most meaningful aspect of it: discovery, by the humans and the communities involved in it. The issue with ‘hyper-personalisation’ right now is that it feels, well, not very personal at all. Algorithms have diluted the concept of music discovery, a horizon on which crate digging is replaced by data mining, and it’s very difficult for an algorithm to replicate the joy of hearing a record your mate told you about or that song you heard at a festival.
Rather than whittling emotion away from music discovery, though, some experts believe that technology could actually enhance things. It’s meant to give us better access and a better experience and It should not replace people sharing their favorite songs and artists. New technology, however, can empower the music industry to think of itself in new ways.

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Genre: Downtempo
Style: Downtempo
Mood: Calm, Peaceful, Night, Smooth, Future, Calming, Soothing
Duration: One Hour
Feature: Without Lyrics

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🎧 Tracklist
► 00:00 Phelian – The Only Thing (Eikona Remix)
► 05:27 TBFM – Absence
► 08:54 Aurora Night – Stay
► 12:26 Riversilvers – Nevermind
► 17:27 Randloev – Foggy Night
► 20:46 4Lienetic – Feelings
► 25:21 Shah – Embrace
► 29:30 Lowxy – Morphine
► 34:17 Outlier – Forgive
► 38:29 Rogg Collins – Off My Mind (Catch the Rise Remix)
► 41:52 Vonnboyd – She Say
► 45:00 Drevmr – Rain
► 48:01 Ilya Kuznetsov – Winter
► 51:24 Lazarus Moment – Homebound
► 55:51 Tim Schaufert – Homeward
► 59:14 Michael FK, Faodail – Interference
► 1:03:58 Nuages – Machines
► 1:07:54 Ferven – Better Days
► 1:11:46 Grandyzer – Adore

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