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Nearly everyone has a platform of some kind. Maybe your platform is on social media, or it’s home with your immediate family and close circle of friends. Regardless, what you say out of your mouth to the people around your platform matters. In this episode, Tom is joined by the legendary T.D. Jakes, who shares the incredible value of what we say to communicate and even more importantly, how we listen. T.D. Jakes break down the depth of becoming a better listener and the importance and urgency of being creative, innovative and finding mastery to strive for something greater in your entrepreneurial life and in your personal life.

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Power Mic | T.D. Jakes shares how he discovered the power of a platform and audience [1:46]
Get it Out | Coming out of your bubble for a new experience ready to talk, listen and learn [6:37]
Listen Better | T.D. Jakes explains how listening leads to understanding and less hate [10:49]
New World | Why mentoring each other is necessary to get others out of their subculture [15:47]
Potential | Break past limiting beliefs and expectations of others to explore possibilities [21:58]
Intention | T.D. Jakes explains what’s intended versus what’s understood, being bilingual [29:15]
Understand | To better understand, just listen, don’t run away, don’t try to fix the person [33:08]
Seasons | Reality of not holding onto past labels and experiencing new stages of life [38:15]
Action | T.D. Jakes breaks down how life requires a process to create and innovate [42:36]
Urgency | T.D. Jakes reveals the urgency action in the ‘now’ and relationship value [46:45]
Survive Strong | T.D. Jakes on what’s left after the trauma is always enough to rebuild [51:39]

“…it takes courage to come out of your bubble and talk and listen and learn and not always show up as a teacher, but to come into the room as a student.” [10:19]

“And a lot of people black, white, brown, rich, poor, [….] run the risk of dying, the death of being normal, or average, rather than being exceptional, and being fruitful, to the full extent of your potential, wherever that takes you.” [18:02]

“Don’t drop the mic, because destiny is in front of you, and history is behind you. And why would you live in your history when you can excel in your destiny?” [20:51]

“Don’t let people describe you because if they do, they will incarcerate you.” [23:17]

“…the best things in life require process, and if you run from the process, you alleviate the promise.” [44:24]

“The currency of relationships is your greatest resource is better than any dollar amount in the world.” [49:35]

“Your future is never predicated on what you lost. It is predicated on what you have left.” [51:39]

“…there’s always something to do with what you have experienced.” [54:37]

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