The SECRET to Kicking Ass and Achieving Your Full Potential | Sarah Robb O’Hagan on Impact Theory


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It is one thing to be the toughest woman in the room and it is entirely another thing to be the toughest person in the room. When you allow yourself to be haunted by past fears and failures you put yourself at a disadvantage and lock your potential away in the safety of a box. In this episode today, one of the toughest and most resilient people you will ever come across joins Tom to share her insight on what it takes to beat the odds and kick ass, failure after failure. Lupita Nyong’o said, “It’s only when you risk failure that you discover things. When you play it safe, you’re not expressing the utmost of your human experience.” The essence of being a total badass, owning your failure and swinging hard to conquer no one but yourself is what Sarah Robb O’Hagan brings to the table. Get ready to take action, it’s the only way forward.


Assness Level | Levels of toughness in behaviors that show how kick-ass you are [3:59]
Humility | Finding success with humility after setting aside arrogance [6:12]
Hiring the Best | Making sure you are hiring the right people and behaviors [8:10]
Leading the Team | Expressing your values and demonstrating them for your company [10:39]
Gritty Leadership | Pushing your team and reassuring them by example [12:50]
Resilient Employees | How to get the best out of your employees and find resilience [14:20]
Fired | Being vulnerable and honest with yourself and others after being fired [15:50]
Step Out of Line | Clutch moments you get to reframe a ‘no’ to bring more value [18:13]
Fight for Yourself | When odds are stacked against you this is how to take action and create opportunity [23:42]
Supercharged Career | Don’t please the boss, show how you can solve their problem [26:19]
Your Mountain | Stay in and grind it out by choosing your mountain to climb and win [27:38]
Secret to Success | Outperforming your peers no matter who they are [31:00]
Self-Improvement | Happens outside of the comfort-zone with new experiences and skill acquisition [32:38]
Extremely You | Sarah defines what extremely you is and how challenging yourself [34:34]
Behaviors | Sarah shares the common behaviors she found driving people’s success [37:44]
Movement | The reason for Sarah’s Extreme Living movement [38:40]
Processing Failure | When the stakes are high have the fortitude to handle it [39:43]


“I just don’t want to get fired, so I will do anything to help and support and listen and learn and truly, like that is what I think made me successful there because I was a sponge like taking it all in and recognizing there was a hell of a lot more that I needed to learn to be good” [7:28]

“I’ve learned along the way when you are trying to be something you’re not that is when you lose your confidence” [10:20]

“The minute you acknowledge what you did you have control over changing that.” [17:23]

“Don’t ever worry that someone didn’t ask you to do something, just get on and do it.” [25:41]

“It’s about getting them to understand that you will be happy and fulfilled if you do whatever you do in your life off of your own steam, […] For me the single biggest learning is like, don’t look for shortcuts, don’t look for people to give you handouts. Go figure it out for yourself because that is what will make you the most satisfied happy person you can be” [30:15]

“I just have worked in predominantly male industries the whole way through, and it just I never even really noticed that I was the only woman at the table very often, I just was like ‘well fuck I’m here’, so I am going to do the best I can and it’s up to me to outperform my peer group whoever they are.” [32:14]

“Until you’ve been to the depths of the canyon of despair like that’s where the learning and the growth comes from and you come back so much stronger on the other side. [40:18]



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