How to Hack Your Mind and Live Your Best Life | Coach Mike Bayer on Impact Theory


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Mental health and drug abuse continues to impact millions of people from all walks of life. Often drug abuse, trauma and depression are tied together and either mistreated or avoided. Families don’t necessarily know how to help loved ones come out of their dark place. In this episode, Coach Mike Bayer introduces several new concepts from his new book, One Decision. He takes Tom through his journey and reveals his experience with drug abuse, discovering his homosexuality, and what it took to get committed, find a new perspective and create his best self. Mike regularly appears on Dr. Phil, and has walked away from serving the entertainment industry to better serve people he connects with to guide them from discovering their trauma, surrendering, and making the one decision that will create a better life worth living.


One Decision | Coach Mike defines “One Decision” [1:34]
Big Decision | One big decision [2:51]
Perspective | Looking at life through the lens of your experiences [5:03]
Trauma |Awareness of what you’re thinking and where you’re beginning [7:32]
Window | The moment of willingness and trusting the universe to be open for help [10:23]
Surrender to Win | the idea of surrendering to a whole new way of life [15:31]
Mike’s Window | Coach Mike shares his window of escape and experience [16:43]
G.O.D. | Mike shares his take on good orally direction [20:46]
Commitment | Mike share how he was able stay committed to sobriety [25:08]
Mental Health & Drugs | Mike dives into mental health, drugs and who his book is for [29:25]
The Shift | Mikes shares what it means to turn on someone’s light even in suffering [30:42]
Best-Self | Mike talks about the constructed image of best self and self signaling [33:50]
Anti-Self | Mike explains having people create the worst version of yourself [36:13]
F.O.R.C.E. | Mike reveals the framework of the positive and negative force [38:12]
O.O.O.O. | Mike connects the obstacles, opportunities, one decision and outcome [45:33]
Become Your Own Vehicle | Mike share how became his own vehicle to make change [49:50]


“The universe from my experience creates a window if you do want to change, if you do want help a window is created. Now it may not be the window you want and it may not be the fabulous drapes that you want to open up, but there’ll be a window. Because all of a sudden your mindset is believing there is a window and it believes that you can change.” [10:56]

“A lot of people have shame or secrets about how they look at themselves and their life and they don’t want to tell anyone, they don’t want to tell anyone what keeps them up at night, they don’t want to tell anyone what’s haunting them and if you show up in a setting to get help, that is the window” [14:14]

“When you want to change you have to be fully committed […] that’s what I’m willing to do when I want to change” [21:37]

“The thing I love about people who are struggling is you can see their light turn on real quick. I selfishly love seeing people’s light turn on. You cannot see that physically […] but you can get someone’s light to turn on who for the past 6 months has been f’ing miserable” [30:42]

“When you’re able to kind of laugh at yourself even when you’re suffering, it starts to shift” [31:16]

“I had this moment where I was like, why am I trying to get famous people to do what I want to do. Like how cool would it be if I became my own vehicle” [52:31]

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