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6 ways to become indispensable at work

1. Prepare your mind through subconscious programming.
Tell your brain what to do by using the method called subliminal programming.
Think of this mind boosting exercise as just another way to set achievable goals for yourself. Try the following exercise, tell yourself what you want to accomplish the next day, and see if you actually do what you tell yourself.
I have learned that the subconscious is more amenable to subliminal programming, or a term I prefer to use — positive suggestions — when you are in the almost-asleep state. So right before you fall into a deep sleep, as you lay in bed with your eyes closed, suggest to yourself how the next day will unfold.
2. Create your gold medal plan of attack.
So right when you walk into your office, write down your plan of attack which is a list of the top 3 most pressing things you need to accomplish that day. If you get all 3 done, you won the gold! You get 2 done, that’s the silver, and you know how to get the bronze medal. Writing down a set number of tasks will boost your mind by helping it to stay focused.
3. Periodically stretch throughout the day.
A sedentary body gets tired, bored, and lazy. Continuously wake your brain and body with simple stretches. Stretching increases blood flow, aiding in the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the brain and body.
4. Take a midday mental break with rest or physical exercise depending on your energy level.
Each person has a circadian rhythm, a 24-hour biological clock displaying the rhythm of their body systems. Become aware of your own rhythm and energy capabilities so that you can use the hours in a day efficiently.
5. Exercise your brain daily
Do brain performance-enhancing exercises to boost your mind at work.
Just like physical exercise helps you keep your muscle strength, brain exercises will assist you in keeping your mental aptitude. In this competitive world, we live in, you need to keep your machine – your brain and body – in tip-top shape.
6. Meditate daily.
Meditation has been proven to increase brain function and total well-being. Meditating is the act of slowing down and reconnecting back to you.
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Genre: Electronic music, Downtempo
Style: Chillstep
Mood: Motivating, Night, Energy
Duration: One Hour
Feature: Without Lyrics

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🎧 Tracklist
► 00:00 Kazukii – Ansia
► 04:36 Maltex – Serenity
► 08:17 Fugue – Missing
► 12:59 Project Closure, Subsets – Inside
► 16:18 Vonnboyd – Mursa
► 19:53 Nomyn – Reverie
► 23:21 Blaudiss – Eight Twenty Two
► 26:31 Vexaic – Lantau
► 29:47 Marion – In My Brain
► 33:54 Ecepta – Sanctuary
► 37:18 Sappheiros – Spirit
► 40:44 Ecepta – Flora
► 44:34 Aether, Pensees, Quok, Jan – Amitanatomy
► 49:03 Affectwave – Rislen
► 52:36 Unbrok – Chasm
► 56:05 Marion – Falling Down
► 1:00:16 Vonnboyd – After Midnight
► 1:05:14 Resonance – Haven
► 1:09:20 Saga – Where I Belong

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