One Bias, One Objective: Make Money · Stan Gluzman


EP 211: One Bias, One Objective: Make Money w/ Stan Gluzman

Stan’s an equities trader at proprietary trading firm Seven Points Capital, he also heads up a small group of traders at one of the firms’ satellite offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Now two years since our first conversation, Stan returns, talking through how he’s continued progressing the levels toward becoming a distinguished trader and what he’s found most effective in the recent market environment…

00:00 – Intro
01:55 – Improvements & Capitalizing on Opportunities in 2020
13:35 – Systematic Models for Scaling Risk
23:47 – Lessons from Best & Worst Trades
26:42 – Swing Trading: Setups etc.
36:15 – Intraday Trading: Recycling Shares, Flipping Direction, Intuition etc.
46:55 – Options Trading: The Wheel Strategy
51:19 – Outro

Show notes:


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