Scalp, Scalp, Swing: Maximizing Market Opportunities · Ryan Hasson


EP 210: Scalp, Scalp, Swing—Maximizing Market Opportunities w/ Ryan Hasson

Ryan’s a senior trader at Kershner Trading Group/SMB Capital—having joined the firm’s New York office in 2016, after booking a one-way flight from Cape Town, SA.

Ryan may be best described as an intraday equities trader, however he’ll also put on swing positions when there’s a larger story/catalyst/theme at play. I was keen to learn more about how Ryan works these multi-day trades, so we step through specifics.

Additionally, I ask Ryan about his path to becoming a prop trader, early developments, and to conclude our talk, Ryan shares a few of his daily habits, routines, etc.

00:00 – Intro
01:22 – Ryan’s Investing Phase (and Idolizing Buffett!)
07:51 – Becoming a Professional Day Trader…
19:54 – Leveraging Acquired Skills (Expanding Playbook)
25:13 – Swing Trading Market Stories/Catalysts/Themes
48:05 – Daily Habits & Routines
56:22 – Outro

Show notes:


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