Psychologist Shows You How to Reset Your Personality and Redefine Yourself | Benjamin Hardy


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Do you feel trapped by your personality or self-identity and struggle to move forward in life? It’s time for you to take control of who you are, redefine your entire personality, and reshape your identity so that you can move forward towards the future you want for yourself. On this episode of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu is joined by organizational psychologist and author Benjamin Hardy, PhD to discuss such matters and more as they explore why your personality and self-identity is an ever-changing thing that you have the control to reshape and reform. They discuss why most of us are trapped in our personalities, how your personality is always changing, how trauma shapes us, how to move forward in life, why your past never defines your future, the power of reframing your past and future, why pain tolerance is key to growth, how to become cognitively flexible, and how pressure creates traction to move forward in life.

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Personality | Benjamin shares why the conversation needs to shift on personalities. [0:12]
Trapped | Benjamin reveals why we get trapped in the identities we’ve created. [1:30]
Change | Benjamin reveals why your personality will change no matter what in life. [3:33]
Trauma | Benjamin discusses how we hold onto and interact with our trauma. [8:09]
Healing | Benjamin discusses how he healed from trauma and mended his relationships. [11:23]
Moving Forward | Benjamin reveals how we can move beyond our own trauma. [13:22]
Giving Up | Benjamin discusses why you shouldn’t give up on your idea of your future. [17:03]
Your Past | Benjamin discusses why your past never defines your future. [17:55]
Reframe | Benjamin reveals why you must reframe both your past and your future. [22:26]
Future | Benjamin discusses how to craft a beautiful vision for your future. [25:28]
Next Steps | Benjamin discusses the power of journaling and thinking ahead. [29:07]
Self-Expansion | Benjamin discusses how our environment influences our visions. [30:49]
Pushing Through | Benjamin reveals why pain tolerance is key to growth. [34:51]
Flexibility | Benjamin discusses the power of being cognitively flexible. [38:51]
Commitment | Benjamin shares how you should redefine commitment. [39:45]
Pressure | Benjamin shares how pressure creates traction to move forward in life. [41:26]
Acceptance | Benjamin discusses acceptance and commitment therapy. [44:50]
Connect | Benjamin shares how you can connect and continue to follow him. [45:50]


“Trauma isn’t what happens to you, it’s what you hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness.” [8:47]

“A lot of people think that the past is causing the present, but the reality from a memory perspective is that the present is causing the meaning of the past. Wherever you’re at in the present, that’s what’s determining how you view your past.” [20:03]

“I think commitment is kind of the jumping point from courage. You know, however committed you are too something, that’s how courageous you can be, and however courageous you can be, that’s what ultimately leads you to developing flexibility, developing competencies, trying things you’ve never done and that’s how confidence is built.” [41:07]




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