Matthew McConaughey Shares his Trick for Getting What You Want


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In life, what is it that pushes us to discover our true self-identities? Who are we truly and how can we begin to know ourselves on the deepest level possible so that we can push through life’s greatest failures and relish in life’s greatest successes? By chasing fear, taking on challenges, and learning to live in discomfort, we can uncover who it is we truly are. On this episode of Impact Theory, Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey joins Tom Bilyeu to discuss such matters and more as they explore the stories and lessons Matthew has accumulated throughout his life that defines his drive, purpose, and his true self-identity. They discuss the lessons in Matthew’s new book ‘Greenlights,’ why you need to discover your true self, how needing puts you in a position to not be yourself, how to truly develop confidence, why resistance in life reveals who we truly are, why reinventing yourself through life is key to growth, how chasing fear keeps your drive alive, and what values are important to leading a life of freedom.

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Intro | Tom introduces and welcomes Matthew McConaughey to today’s show. [0:03]
Origin | Matthew discusses the origin behind writing his new book, ‘Greenlights.’ [1:02]
Knowing Yourself | Matthew shares the importance of knowing yourself on a deep level. [3:10 ]
Stop Needing | Matthew shares how desperation removes us from being truly ourselves. [7:07]
Confidence | Matthew reveals the power of truly not giving a damn. [10:10]
Resistance | Matthew shares an incredible story of truly discovering himself in Australia. [13:42]
Alone | Matthew discusses the power of sitting alone with yourself. [21:10]
Journeys | Matthew shares how uncomfortable journeys always provide life lessons. [23:34 ]
Identity | Matthew reveals what forms our identity as we walk through life. [27:46]
Re-Invent Yourself | Matthew discusses how he didn’t let fame trap him from growing. [34:03]
Chase Fear | Matthew shares why you should pursue things that scare you. [37:11]
Challenge | Matthew shares a story of chasing a recurring dream of a journey in Africa. [40:12 ]
Just Go | Matthew reveals the power of making a choice and committing to it. [54:01]
Values | Matthew shares the values you should embrace for a life of freedom. [55:45]
Lessons | Matthew shares the lessons he seeks to pass on to his children. [1:01:25]
Closing | Tom shares the inspiration found in Matthew’s new book, ‘Greenlights.’ [1:04:02]


“What better subject to study than ourselves? What better subject to interrogate and investigate daily? What’s the one character that we are never going to get, that we should never get bored with chasing to figure out? But also, what’s the one character that we can’t get away from? Ourselves. It’s the one person that we can’t get rid of.” [3:07]

“…there’s a responsibility to freedom and that there is freedom in responsibility.” [55:41]

“If you live hating and feeling like you can’t do stuff or lying, you’re not going to create green lights in your future for yourself.” [1:03:43]




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