Is Your Self-Identity Limiting Your Potential? | Vusi Thembekwayo on Impact Theory


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Identity is all around you. Whether you’re consuming social media, reading a book, streaming a new series online, or having a conversation with a friend or family member, you are receiving signals from the world that shape your self-identity. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, your self-identity is switched on and telling you the parameters of which you need to live in. What if we can escape this box we’ve built around us? What does true freedom from excuses look like? On this episode of Impact Theory, world-renowned speaker, author, and venture capitalist Vusi Thembakwayo joins Tom Bilyeu to discuss such matters and more as they explore the controversial ideas of self-identity, freedom of the mind, and why you have no excuse to begin taking action today. They discuss how self-identity can limit our potential, why being free doesn’t mean living in freedom, why you have to have a willingness to fail, how to be your own savior, and the inspiration of Nelson Mandela.


No Excuses | Vusi shares his principles for overcoming excuses and succeeding. [0:36]
Mentality | Vusi shares how he’s cultivated a mentality focused on overcoming adversity. [3:50]
Inspire | Vusi shares what he teaches and how he inspires others to make progress. [7:35]
Identity | Vusi reveals how identity can be holding us back mentally from progressing. [10:08]
Freedom | Vusi discusses the concept that true freedom exists in the mind. [13:20]
Connection | Vusi discusses the connection between identity and freedom of the mind. [17:59]
Movement | Vusi shares why you should have a willingness to fail and just get started. [23:12]
Input | Vusi shares the practical lessons he’s learned through martial arts. [28:46]
Mastery | Vusi reveals how he adopted a mentality that’s focused around mastery. [32:05]
Core Basics | Vusi shares the three pillars of focus he teaches on day one. [34:50]
A Pact | Vusi shares his story of making a pact of sacrifice with his mom. [41:18]
Encouragement | Vusi shares what his emotional relationship is like with his mom. [46:00]
Mandela | Vusi discusses what it was like to be in Nelson Mandela’s presence. [48:02]
Step Up | Vusi shares why you have to save yourself and not wait for a messiah. [52:55]
Learn More | Vusi shares how and where you can continue to follow him. [56:23]


“Do you want emotion or do you want progress? Because you can’t have both.” [5:46]

“When somebody asks the question, “Who are you?” How do you answer that question?” [22:50]

“Don’t give me something out of pity, I don’t want pity. Give me something because I’m the best at what I do.” [27:54]

“And [Nelson Mandela] said, “Faith is the ability to see the invisible, believe in the impossible, and trust in the unknown.”” [52:02]




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