Advice for Overcoming Any Obstacle | Impact Theory Q&A


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Life can be chock full of obstacles, plateaus, and seasons of stress. How do you overcome these setbacks, push through, and come out on the other side with strength and growth? On this episode of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu sits down to answer your questions and provide deeper insight into the power of having a solutions based mindset. He discusses how growth isn’t limited by age, how understanding your audience is key, what to do when stress is overwhelming, how to break through the plateaus of life, and how to know when to push your team further than they’ve gone before.


Growth at Any Age | Tom reveals why you should be learning up until the day you die. [0:46] Understanding Audience | Tom discusses the YouTube algorithm and how to utilize it. [4:38]
Tackling Stress | Tom shares his methods and mindset to deal with overwhelming stress. [9:12]
Overcoming Plateaus | Tom reveals how identifying your weaknesses leads to growth. [13:43]
Leading Others | Tom shares how to gauge the amount of drive to instill in others. [19:17]


“If you’re not taking in new ideas, then you can’t get new ideas out.” [3:52]

“How you frame these opportunities is going to determine how you react to it at a physiological level.” [10:52]

“…it’s as important to judge a cultural fit as it is to judge a skillset fit.” [23:08]



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