This Neuroscientist Shows You How to Unlock Hidden Strengths of Your Brain | David Eagleman


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Ideas and the power of your brain. How can we access untapped potential, at what age do we begin to face mental limitations, and where does neuroscience fit into all of this? On this episode of Conversations with Tom, New York Times bestselling author and neuroscientist David Eagleman sits down with Tom Bilyeu to answer these questions and address such matters as the neuroplasticity of the brain, the science behind ‘learning,’ how childhood is a crucial time for development, and the future of neuroscience. They discuss the flexibility of the brain at any age, where ideas originate from, the importance of affection and love to a child, how to experience major breakthroughs as an adult, the mysteries yet to be unlocked within the human brain, and what the future may look like within augmentation and neuroscience.

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Brain Power | David reveals how the brain remains flexible at any age. [0:23]
Renewal | David addresses immortality, death, and neuroplasticity. [3:13]
Change | Tom and David discuss why we change more in our youth than adulthood. [9:35]
Parenting | David reveals what parent’s can do to spark mental growth in their children. [13:25]
Ideas | David reveals how there really are no truly new ideas, only repackaged ones. [18:09]
Feedback | David discusses the blend of nature and nurture that makes up who we are. [20:08]
Child’s Needs | David speaks about the inputs needed for a child’s brain to develop. [26:32]
Love | David reveals how love is such a powerful moving force in our development. [30:10]
Mental Real Estate | David reveals how the brain is a system in battle for real estate. [33:22]
Babbling | David discusses when and why children need to try to truly learn. [37:21]
Relevance | David reveals how learning young and having feedback is crucial. [41:44]
Breakthroughs | David discusses how breakthroughs can occur in the adult brain. [49:14]
Perspective | David reveals how we see the world differently based on our brain’s wiring. [55:36]
Staying Fresh | David discusses taking on new ventures and steep learning curves. [57:32]
NeoSensory | David reveals the discoveries his company and industry are making. [1:00:10]
New Experiences | David discusses the current and new technologies coming out. [1:12:39]
Changes | David reveals what areas of the brain may change due to augmentation. [1:15:01]
Memory | David walks us through the process of memory and how we remember. [1:18:48]
Mysteries | David reveals how little we really know about the human brain. [1:22:19]
Being Human | David discusses the core functions of the brain. [1:24:33]
The Future | David reveals what’s on the horizon for advancements in neuroscience. [1:29:00]
Physical | David discusses how far we will be able to push physical augmentations. [1:35:50]
The Button | David and Tom discuss whether or not they want to see the distant future. [1:39:19]
Twitter | David and Tom discuss whether the vitriol on Twitter truly reflects society. [1:45:03]
Stabbing Hands | David discusses why, how, and when we truly experience empathy. [1:49:00]


“Genius is a young man’s game.” [0:23]

“Man lives two lives. The second one begins when he realizes he has just one.” [5:23]

“There is no such thing as a thought out of the blue. Everything builds on what you have been exposed to.” [18:40]

“It doesn’t matter what you look at, it matters what you see.” [55:36]

“If you could see society 500 or 1,000 years from now, I think it’s going to be unrecognizable to us in terms of people don’t just think of this as their ‘self,’ but they’ve got a ‘self’ that is greatly extended.” [1:38:43]

“Does your brain care about other people? It depends.” [1:49:05]



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