Meet the World’s Youngest Profitable Forex Trader w/ Philp Blom – Forex Trading | 36 mins

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Meet the world’s youngest profitable forex trader, Philp Blom. He started trading at the age of 13 and was able to create his own trading method by combining what he learned from the internet, particularly by watching Forex tutorials on YouTube.

Listen to his full interview and be amazed of his one of a kind trading journey. In his interview, you’ll be able to learn his unique “Golden Zone” strategy.

15:14 It’s just not realistic to trade demo unless you treat it realistically.

28:33 I think you should focus on, as a beginner, to trade with the trend.

34:10 If you wanna be a professional trader, you need to treat this like a business and you need to have a plan when comes to all sorts of things.


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