Turn Anxiety Into a Powerful Ally | Jewel on Impact Theory


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Jewel’s story of fame and success starts with an abusive household and a stint of homelessness, combined with all the anxiety and negativity that you would expect from those beginnings. But her story takes an unexpected turn when she shares the way she overcame all of that negativity. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Jewel explains how she taught herself to be addicted to positive behavior, describes what constitutes real change, and shares the fascinating question she learned to ask herself that transformed her whole life.


When Jewel was homeless, she decided to change her life one thought at a time [1:40]
If we can be addicted to negative things, then we can become addicted to positive actions [6:34]
Jewel describes some of her simple methods of controlling her thoughts and emotions [11:15]
What do you do if your nurturing was so bad that you lost your true nature? [12:55]
Practicing every day is the key to dramatic life change [17:14]
Tom and Jewel discuss the importance of diet and exercise [19:31]
Jewel defines exactly what constitutes change [22:33]
Jewel shares what she learned after being adopted by Native Americans at 15 [25:46]
What if you’re not broken? What if you don’t need to be fixed? [29:22]
Jewel explains how she learned to tell the truth instead of being positive or negative [35:28]
The point of spirituality is not to control your environment [37:30]
Jewel and Tom discuss the experience of grief and letting go [39:55]
Jewel describes forgiveness as she sees it [41:12]
Jewel talks about growing up in very rural Alaska [43:52]
Jewel shares her story of touring as a folk singer during the heydey of grunge [47:27]
Perfectionism and having a point to prove are rocket fuel, but they also limit you [49:32]
Jewel shares the impact she wants to have on the world [54:32]


“I am not my thoughts. I am the observer of my thoughts.” [5:57]

“What you don’t give birth to will destroy you.” [24:12]

“What if I’m not broken? What if I’m attacking this entire problem, trying to fix myself, from the entirely wrong perspective? When something’s broken, when you feel broken inside, you feel like something outside of you has to fix you…” [32:58]


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“Never Broken”, Jewel, https://amzn.to/3cxDicp


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