What is Five Flag Theory?



For about 13 years now, I and the Nomad Capitalist team have religiously chased, researched and put in a lot of work into achieving the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle; a life where Individuals can live wherever they want with all their assets safe, their privacy preserved, with little to no tax obligations.

During my years of relentless research, I gracefully stumbled upon the concept of flag theory.

For those who are familiar with the Nomad Capitalist channel and our content, you probably recognize this concept and for those who aren’t, to put it simply; flag theory is the idea that you must “go where you are treated best.”

It’s that simple.

The world is a place full of so much untapped potential and financial opportunities, so much so that the ability to freely move at any point in time to a destination that best serves your needs becomes a necessity for the business-oriented individual AKA, the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle.

No one country, no matter how great is going to treat you best for every part of your life. So every time you take a part of your life to a new country or acquire second citizenship, you plant a flag.

The original three flag theory was credited to an investment expert known as Harry Schultz. Harry’s flag theory was about the need for a second citizenship as a backup plan, a business overseas and a business address in a tax haven to protect you from having to pay unnecessary higher taxes.

This theory then evolved into the Five Flag Theory, which focuses on having a business in a tax haven, playground, an asset haven for wealth storage, the right kinds of passports and residence address.

Everyone has their own version of flag theory; people have taken this concept and advanced it into ways that best suits their needs.

At Nomad Capitalist, we take flag theory to a limit where it continually brings our clients positive results. We have modernized it and adjust it to the way the world’s evolved, because flag theory has experienced a lot of changes since its inception.

We are continually updating fresh ideas to help clients successfully apply flag theory to every decision they make and in this video, I talk about the original three flag theory in a 21st century context and explains some of the best strategies for solid flag planting.

Generally, the more flags you plant, the less control any government has over you. To maximize your freedom, you need to plant flags in as many countries as possible. There is a vast land of nations waiting to receive your flag; however, you need to be smart about it and I will give you some great advice on how to do this.

As usual, diversification is a key quality of the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle and it is very crucial when it comes to implementing any flag theory at all, be it the three flag theory, five flag theory or the Nomad flag theory.

The Nomad Capitalist lifestyle is accessible to everyone; YOU can go where you are treated best right now! If you would like some assistance in evaluating your needs and planting flags in various countries, I and my team would be more than happy to help you figure things out. Living in a tax haven isn’t where the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle tappers off, there’s more to it. When you seek our help, we will take the time to make a list of the services, products and experiences you value and pair that with countries that best represent your interest.

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DISCLAIMER: The information in this video should not be considered tax, financial, investment, or any kind of professional advice. Only a professional diagnosis of your specific situation can determine which strategies are appropriate for your needs. Nomad Capitalist can and does not provide advice unless/until engaged by you.


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