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#JordanBelfort #MeetKevin #WolfofWallStreet Meet Kevin (not to be confused to his lesser-known brother, Veggie Kevin) is a self-made real estate broker and world-renowned YouTuber who made his bones deconstructing other people’s podcasts and exposing the fallacies of (those whom he considers to be) phonies.

He popped up on the Wolf’s Den radar when he did just that for the now infamous, Grant Cardone Vs. Jordan Belfort podcast, and oh boy, did Kevin let ole GC have what for…

But this isn’t the first time Cardone has met Meet Kevin. Oh no, far from it. In fact, some time back, in Florida, (where else?) Meet Kevin, in all his impish, hipster, pranksterism, actually dressed up like a Christmas Elf and hand-delivered two-hundred large poinsettia plants to Cardone’s offices!

They weren’t able to get much work done that day at GCHQ, as no one could find their desk, but damn if the place didn’t look festive!

Cardone went so far as to sue MK at one point in their ongoing feud, but the suit was not met meekly by Meet, and he was able to get it dismissed! Hear how he did it, and a whole lot more, by tuning in to this high-energy, anything goes podcast!

PS Thanks for the edibles, MK. I personally ate my weight in chocolate-covered pineapple. It was tres delish!


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