Cheap Real Estate for Sale in Serbia


We are back with another international real estate tour, this time in Vojvodina in northern Serbia.

Did you know that, in some of the small towns there, it is possible to buy entire houses with big pieces of land, ranging from €6,000 to €15,000?

4:24 -The real estate agent explains living in Serbia and foreign ownership laws
7:19 – The first property (Taraš)
10:22 – The second property (Elemir)
12:40 – The third property (Mužlja)

What’s more, the land in that region of Serbia is really fertile and suitable for growing all sorts of agricultural goods and domestic animals, which can be a great investment for the future.

Our host for the day was a real estate agent Gordana, who showed us three houses in Vojvodina countryside while discussing the property market situation, different possibilities, and investment opportunities.

Check out Gordana’s website for more information about specific properties for sale:


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