3 ways to visit the US after renouncing Citizenship


Let’s talk about ways to visit the US after renouncing US citizenship.

Yes, it is possible, as long as you’re familiar with the rules and regulations.

As someone who renounced US citizenship, I made sure to explore all the options ahead of time.

This is my renunciation story:
There are so many misconceptions on this topic, but here are 3 ways that work.

1:00 – First way to get into the US after renouncing – unique relationship with Canada

2:00 – Second way to visit the US after renouncing – Visa waiver program countries – if, in your country, less than 3% of people who want the US tourist visa are refused, then there is a chance that the nation can come into the visa waiver program.

It’s important to note that countries that are a part of visa waiver program still have to apply for ESTA every couple of years.

Andrew talks about what ESTA is and some common misconceptions about it.

6:13 – Third way to get into the US is to simply get the US visa

Here is where things can get a bit complicated because some of the regulations change for citizens of countries who are in the visa waiver program.

It’s important to be completely transparent about your travel plans when applying for the US visa, otherwise, you could face problems, and you don’t want to deal with that.

When you’ve renounced US citizenship, but you want to visit the US, you also have to prove that you don’t have immigrant intent.

You can usually do this by proving you have a home somewhere, as well as other ties that will bring you out of the US after your visa expires.

There are some other ways to get into the US that include immigrant and non-immigrant programs that you can try, as well as some second passports that will make your visit to the US much easier.

It’s important to consider all the facts before you renounce US citizenship and know how do deal with every aspect of them before you take the plunge.

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