When trading becomes a team sport… | Blackpier Capital


EP 146: When trading becomes a team sport—with Ryan Moffett, Tyler Michalove & Wayne Klump

On this episode, I’m joined by three traders from a data-driven, options trading, performance based fund, Blackpier Capital…

Ryan Moffett, the Lead Investment Manager—and a prior guest on Episode 83 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WP8g9rZ2Zrg). Tyler Michalove, who plays a key role in trade execution. And Wayne Klump, who heads up research and strategy development.

One interesting thing about Wayne; he was a Chat With Traders listener when Ryan was first on the podcast. Ryan made an off-hand comment about how they were looking to bring on someone else, to which he received ~200 emails. One of those emails was from Wayne, and now, he’s become a part of the team at Blackpier!


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