Who trading firms are seeking out · Matthew Hoyle (headhunter)


EP 125: Getting hired—who trading firms and hedge funds are seeking out w/ Matthew Hoyle

Matthew Hoyle was once a trader, or more specifically, an options market maker. And he started at a very young age, on the exchange floor in Amsterdam. But since 2003, he’s been in the headhunting (or recruiting) business. His firm, Matthew Hoyle Financial Markets.

Essentially, Matthew finds the best candidates for hard to fill roles. He’s contracted by banks, hedge funds and all sorts of trading firms—for example; Tibra, Optiver, Tower Research, Citadel, Millennium Partners, amongst many others.

Matthew’s deeply knowledgeable on the industry, and he’s won many awards for doing what he does…

Show notes: https://chatwithtraders.com/ep-125-matthew-hoyle/


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