Chasing a quick buck, making a quick buck · @Madaznfootballr


EP 124: When chasing a quick buck becomes making a quick buck w/ Max, @Madaznfootballr

With an appetite for fast money, it was only a matter of time before Max would try his hand at day trading…

But unlike scalping tickets, counting cards, reselling items on eBay and other schemes for chasing a quick buck, all of which Max had attempted, trading stuck—and it’s since become his livelihood.

The only difference is now he really does make a quick buck. Because true to his nature, Max takes his trading profits in a “scalping” fashion.

To mention a few of the things we discussed; how traders can benefit from being independent thinkers, the nature of scalping strategies, optimizing your workflow, mindset and improving your psychological game, and plenty more.

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