Why risk management is king · Rob, Discovery Trading Group


EP 072 Why risk management is king, and why “gambling” isn’t such a dirty word w/ Rob from Discovery Trading Group

Rob is an active futures traders and is what most people would call a pure scalper, but he refers to himself as a “street level gambler with an appetite for risk”. Either way, he is very short-term and often just trading for a couple ticks at a time. So that’s one side of what he does, the other side, Rob is also involved in a quantitative research firm which trades a whole range of strategies, over various timeframes, in many different markets.

Over the next 60 minutes; you’ll hear about Rob’s early years of trading during the 80’s, and how he’s developed into the trader he is today. Rob also drives home the importance of risk management, shares a few gambling analogies, and talks about the benefit of interacting with other traders on a regular basis.

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